Meet the team

Kailea Hurcombe: Chief Executive OfficerI Started at SYA over 10 years ago, running supported volunteer projects across the South of Hampshire for vulnerable and disengaged young people. Since then, I’ve moved up the ranks, and all but 3 all of the projects that we deliver as a charity I have created and developed myself. Working for a small charity means I know all of the young people we support, and I LOVE getting involved and helping to staff projects when I’m not busy in the office doing all the other things that running a charity requires. 

My favorite thing to do at SYAPlaying band hero with young people at our clubs- I LOVE that game!

Worst thing to do at SYA: The allotment has HUGE spiders in the sheds- I hate clearing them out!

If I had a super hero power: The ability to manipulate time- moving it forward, slowing it down. I’d be called The Time Keeper… Time Lord was already taken! 


Ross Walters: Youth Diversity Officer

My main role at SYA is to engage with vulnerable young people aged 10-25 from diverse communities. This includes those with mental health issues, physical or learning disabilities and, those who have offended or are at risk of offending. I want anyone who is at risk of exclusion to be included with the same opportunities as everyone else.

My favorite thing to do at SYA: Spending time with the young people. At the end of a session when someone says the best part of their day is the time they’ve spent with you, it gives you an overwhelming sense of pride and that just can’t be beaten. 

Worst thing to do at SYA: Being sat in front of the computer. That being said, I am slowly getting to grips with it.

If I had a super hero power: The ability to to heal the sick.