For Young People

Solent Youth Action deliver a number of informal learning programmes for young people that incorporate youth trending issues such as sex and relationships, drugs and alcohol, healthy living, self-esteem, online behaviour and raising aspirations.

Each programme offers young people an opportunity to engage in series of activities in a fun, engaging and informative way.

NGA-NBA.cdrREFRESH is a personal development programme for young people aged 11- 19. The programme is delivered to all boy or all girl groups, allowing the different genders to ask questions and explore topics that they may feel embarrassed about mentioning in a mixed gender group. Activities are workshop based, fun and engaging, and are tailored to meet the needs of the specific young people who attend and the challenges that they face.



Each group can have between 6 and 15 young people in it, all similar in age. It can be delivered within your School/College/Youth Club to fit around classes, curriculum and activities.

Each session is tailored to the age of the group, ensuring all content is age appropriate. There is also the opportunity for your staff to suggest content for the sessions if specific youth related issues are apparent within the School/College/Youth Club.

We can make the programme bespoke to the young people we work with but also have standard packages that include:

PACKAGE 1: 3 sessions (sessions 1 & 2 are 2 hours, session 3 is 2.5 hours)

  • Session 1:     Introduction, Aspirations, Employment, Training and Education
  • Session 2:     Drugs and Alcohol Awareness, Sex and Relationship Education
  • Session 3:     Volunteering Task, Self-Esteem Workshop

PACKAGE 2: 6 sessions (sessions 1-5 are 1 hour long, session 6 is 2 hours)

  • Session 1:     Introduction and Aspirations
  • Session 2:     Drugs and Alcohol Awareness
  • Session 3:     Sex and Relationship Education
  • Session 4:     Employment, Training and Education
  • Session 5:     Self-Esteem Workshop
  • Session 6:     Volunteering Task

Relationship TimelineGIRL TALK BOY TALK: We are qualified to facilitate The Girl Talk Boy Talk programme. This is a sex and relationship education programme equip young people with the knowledge and skills to make healthy and informed choices regarding sex and relationships.

We deliver a fun, engaging and informative programme of single sex, small group sessions over 5/7 weeks in a variety of settings to meet the needs of the young people we are working with.

If you are interested in finding out more about these programmes and others Solent Youth Action can deliver pleased get in contact us, call us on 02380 650514 or email