Kailea Hurcombe: Chief Executive Officer

I started at SYA in 2008, running supported volunteer projects across the South of Hampshire for vulnerable and disengaged young people. Since then I’ve moved up the ranks, and spend most of my days managing my awesome staff and volunteers, whilst doing all the other things that running a charity requires. I escape the office a couple of times a week to deliver projects to our more vulnerable young people, and when I’m not doing that I’m representing young people in the third sector at the Hampshire Safeguarding Children’s board, the Eastleigh Starting Well Health and Well-being board, chairing the Eastleigh Youth Multi- Agency Meetings or co-chairing the Teenage Pregnancy and Substance Abuse LIT Meetings… I also eat cake.

My favorite thing to do at SYA: Hanging our with the young people we support- the decisions I make impact them, so it’s super important I know what they want and need.

Worst thing to do at SYA: The allotment has HUGE spiders in the sheds- I hate clearing them out as I’m convinced they want to live in my hair.

If I had a super hero power: The ability to manipulate time- moving it forward, slowing it down. I’d be called The Time Keeper… Time Lord was already taken..


Ross Walters: Youth Diversity Officer

My main role at SYA is to engage with vulnerable young people aged 10-25 from diverse communities. This includes those with mental health issues, physical or learning disabilities and, those who have offended or are at risk of offending. I want anyone who is at risk of exclusion to be included with the same opportunities as everyone else.

My favorite thing to do at SYA: Spending time with the young people. At the end of a session when someone says the best part of their day is the time they’ve spent with you, it gives you an overwhelming sense of pride and that just can’t be beaten.

Worst thing to do at SYA: Being sat in front of the computer. That being said, I am slowly getting to grips with it.

If I had a super hero power: The ability to to heal the sick.


Harriet Chapman: Chair Trustee

I have been a trustee for SYA since 2011 and the Chair since 2015. I’m a mum of 4 young children, an accountant working for our family business, and a very proud trustee. I joined SYA as I was looking for a different way to challenge myself; having not long graduated and started my career, and have stayed because of the incredible people and the feeling of being part of something that really makes a difference to young people’s lives. I have a particular interest in supporting young people with mental health issues and Autism.


If I had a super power: It would be the ability to make my children go to sleep at bedtime- and stay asleep!

Favourite TV series: Our Girl

Favourite food: The pizza we have at our trustee meetings- yep, we get pizza!


Alex Houghton: Trustee Treasurer

I joined the trustee board in 2011 while a student at Southampton University. At the time I was involved in the Southampton Youth Parliament. In 2014 I took on the additional role of Treasurer and have been part of the charity as it has undergone a significant transformation to meet the changing needs of funders and the local community. Away from SYA, I am a Councillor in Southampton and have a keen interest in people development, architecture and history.

Marmite- Love it or hate it? Never tried it.

My favorite TV series: Goodnight Sweetheart.

My most favorite place in the whole world: Venice


Marley Guthrie: Trustee

My name’s Marley, I work for my local Member of Parliament, I’m a councillor on Southampton City Council, a reservist in the Royal Navy and I am studying part-time for a degree with the Open University. Alongside all that I am one of the trustees for SYA!

My guilty pleasure: The chocolate trifle my family makes at Christmas.

My most favourite place in the whole world: The west coast of Turkey, especially in the summer. It’s the perfect place to get away.

If I had a superpower: The ability to fly, there’d be no better way to cut out traffic!


Dale Lane: Deputy Chair Trustee

As our longest standing trustee, Dale has been involved with SYA since day dot. With extensive knowledge in artificial intelligence and IT, Dale is no stranger to running workshops with the young people who access SYA provision, and has been known to harvest a potato or two at the charity allotment. Dale has seen SYA through many challenging times, and continues to advise the board and support the staff to provide the best services possible to the young people we engage with.


Samuel Holah

As the newest addition to the trustee board, Samuel brings with him extensive experience in mental health. As well as being a trustee, Samuel volunteers as a Community Buddy; supporting a young person with additional needs to take part in fun activities within the community. By volunteering directly with our service users, Samuel is able to advocate on behalf of the young people we support in the board meetings and ensure that decisions made at governance level take into consideration the needs of our young people.


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