Mind The Gap

MIND THE GAP is a personal development project for vulnerable young people aged 11-16 with a focus on identifying the gaps that prevent them from engaging in education. This project is delivered directly to young people in Southampton and Eastleigh who have been excluded from school either temporarily or permanently.


Within this project we aim to:

  • Help young people identify the contributing factors that prevent them from engaging in their education and provide them the tools to navigate these factors
  • Provide young people engaging workshops on subjects that are relevant to them
  • Reduce risk taking behaviour amongst young people who are particularly vulnerable to this
  • Educate teachers/ parents on subjects that are relevant to young people with the aid of young people themselves
  • Enable young people to share their learning with their peers in order to reduce misinformation

We are very proud and grateful to have funding from the British & Foreign School Society.

If you would like us to run a similar project with young people you work with, please get in touch here.