Young Person’s Privacy Notice

Privacy notice for children and young people

 Who we are

We are Solent Youth Action, a youth provision charity that works with young people across the South of Hampshire to help them contribute to their local community and participate in positive youth-led projects. We do other things too, like training for the people that work with young people.

 Get in touch

If you want to know more about the personal information we have of yours, or if you want to raise a question with us then do drop us a line. If you are over 18 then you can write to our data protection officer, Kailea. She’s contactable by email. If you are under 18, we think it would be best if you discussed this with your parent or carer first and involved them. They can write to us or your behalf or you can write and make sure they are copied them into any emails you send.

 Personal data – what’s that?

What we mean is any information that could be used to identify you. At its simplest this could be just your name and address; or it could include a telephone number, email address, a picture or recording of you, an online gamer tag, or your social media username. As we might be supporting you, there are things our staff and volunteers would need to know to help them do that. This could be quite sensitive and personal information about what has happened to you, what you are going through, and how you are doing.

There are some types of data we have to be extra careful with. These are known as special category data. This could be something like an illness you have, or what religion you are. Sometimes we have to use data about crimes and breaking the law.

 Why we need your personal data

The main reason we need your personal data is so that we know who you are, how we can contact you, and what help you might need from us to take part in our activities and get the most out of them. Without your personal data, you might miss out on some or all of the activities you could take part in or on getting the right support from us.

Where we get your personal data from and what we do with it?

Basically, we get it from you! If you are under 18 then your parent or carer must give it to us on your behalf. We don’t buy lists of names. Sometimes another organisation that knows you might refer you to us, this means they send us some of your information so that we can invite you to take part in our activities. Or another organisation, such as your school or college, might share information with us about you to help us better support you, but they will need to ask your permission to do this first.


  • You might sign up to take part in one of our social clubs, volunteering projects, holiday schemes, training programmes, or our buddying sessions. We call these our ‘activities’.
  • You might get in touch with us to help raise money for us to deliver our services.

If you are under 18 then we have to ask a parent or carer, or another adult who looks after you, to give us the information we need to know about you. We tell them how we keep that information safe in another other ‘Privacy Notice’ – it is a bit longer than this one! They can ask to see any of that information, any time.

If you are 13-18 then you can sometimes give us permission (or, ‘consent’) to record some personal data about you, depending on what we are doing, and hold on to it for as long as we need to.

If you are taking part in any of our activities, a staff member or volunteer will sit down with you and explain all of this and check that you agree, that you know what your rights are, and that you understand what we do with your personal information – it is yours after all!

So, for example, that we might use your email address to send you information about other Solent Youth Action activities that you might want to take part in.

It is really important to know that we are really careful with this information.

Everyone here is trained in safeguarding which means that we know how to keep you safe and that includes how we keep your information safe. We don’t share it unless you tell us we can (unless we are really worried about you), and we store it safely.

 How long we keep your data for

We have thought a lot about how long we should hold on to personal data. We believe it is only as long as you would consider reasonable, or where we have to because of the law. We have a list of how long we keep all information and what we do with it (delete or archive) when its time is up! We keep it very safe on our systems, just like you would expect us too.

 Your rights

You have all the same ‘rights’ with regard to your personal information as adults do – this is a very good thing. There are 12 rights and you can see them here:

If you want to know more, have a look at our general ‘Member Privacy Notice’.

Who can see your information

We take data security very seriously. Our internal systems are robust to ensure data is kept safe. Access to information we hold internally is restricted according to the type of data we hold and where we hold it.

Where we use services such as cloud storage or software services to keep your data, we make sure that they are safe enough and that they are following the legal requirements as well.

We may also share your data with law enforcement agencies or statutory agencies if required. This might also include other organisations that help us run Solent Youth Action such as our accountant, or agencies such as HMRC, Companies House, and the Charity Commission as we must comply with all our legal obligations.

What to do if you’re not happy about how we’ve used your data

If you have a concern about how we have handled or processed your data, or are unsatisfied with our response to a complaint you have raised with us then please contact the ICO –


This privacy notice was last updated by adults in October 2021, in line with the current laws on Data Protection and GDPR. It will be reviewed by children and young people regularly.