Solent FOOD Action is a weekly cook along project running for 8 weeks between January- March 2024.

We have released 8 easy to follow cook along videos on our Facebook, Instagram and YouTube channels featuring staff during which we cook meals chosen by the young people we work with. The videos are targeted at young people, helping them to learn some cooking basics and create their favourite meals in a healthier and more affordable way.

Alongside the videos we are delivering ingredients each week to cook these meals to families who sign up. This is provided completely free for families, and distributed on a first come first served basis, with us targeting households with children and those with young people aged up to 25 with additional needs in the Eastleigh Borough. At the end of March each family will also receive an £80 voucher to purchase food to recreate all of these meals again.

The menu for weekly meals is as follows:

WEEK 1: Homemade Burger and Chips

WEEK 2: Spaghetti Bolognaise

WEEK 3: Brinner

WEEK 4: Chicken Pie

WEEK 5: Roast Dinner

WEEK 6: Pizza

WEEK 7: Chicken and Bacon Pasta Bake

Week 8: Chicken Goujons and Wedges

Videos are released every Friday morning, and accessible via the video below:

This is proudly funded by Hampshire County Council through the Connect 4 Communities Grant.

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